“She has a great ear and great eye for detail. Use her for your next editing project. You won’t be disappointed!” ~ Larry Hudson, VoiceOver Talent and Editing Expert

“She saved my hyde when I was on a tight deadline with twelve different VO jobs in a short time. I don’t even spot check her work, anymore! (I do with most editors.)  I just send it along to the client, confident that the quality is superb. She truly gives “The Cleaner Edit.” ~Julie Williams, Acclaimed VO Talent & Coach

“Morning Joy is fast becoming my “narration editing sidekick”. Her friendly, professional manner and quality of work are making what I’d previously thought of audio editing services as a luxury, into a totally reasonable (and increasingly necessary) way to keep building my VO career.  I’m so glad to have her in my arsenal of VO resources!” ~Christina Ho Audio